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The Association Fehérlófia is a project for children- and youth work in Székelykeresztúr, romanian Cristuru Secuiesc. A small town in the Szekely-Region, the eastern settling region of the hungarian minority in Romania. Since the founding of Fehérlófia in 2003, the “Romania Initiative Group Bautzen” has been supporting the activity of the association considerably. In the focus of our work is the promotion of disadvantaged children and youths from the former second-largest orphanage of Romania.

What do we do?

In a team of full-time and voluntary colleagues, honorary colleagues and international volunteers, we offer weekly programs, including language lessons, hand crafting, sports and excursions into the countryside. We dispatch young volunteers from Romania to Germany and other European countries, and we accept volunteers from Germany in our circle of colleagues. As a yearly highlight, we organise international youth-meetings in the summer holidays and at Christmas.

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The project “genialsozial” - Your work against poverty (Social work day in Saxony)

In January 2007 we took part in a competition of the “Sächsische Jugendstiftung” (Saxon youth trust) and presented our intention “Youth social-cultural center for parentless children” in front of a Saxon pupil-jury. In Székelykeresztúr we want to construct and run a community center, in which the work of the Fehérlófia association would find its new home. The pupils of Saxony gave us their trust and thought it a project to support. Since then, we have been preparing this intensively.

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